We are here to enhance the bowling experience through support and service to all of our bowlers and bowling centers.




Easily accessible to all.

Visibility at all Bowling Centers.

Listen to the Bowlers.

Solicit input and suggestions.

Connect with our local communities

We will act with integrity and be fair and consistent with all of our dealings.

We will utilize the current USBC handbook and our local Policy and Procedures manual as our guideline. 

Your 2019-20 VCUSBC Board

VCUSBC Board Members


President:  Kerry Tissler


Vice President:  Melody Dubois


Association Manager:  Cheryl Smith


Director:  Ann Earley


Director:  Berma Colbert


Director:  Carmen Crandall


Director: John Crandall


Director:  Djuna Spring


Director: KC (Kim) Christensen


Director:  Lloyd Lebow


Director:  Karen Weber


Director:  Karin Stevens


Director:  Debbie Tissler


Director:  Melody Graves


Director:  David Graves


Director:  Bill Reider

VCUSBC Committee Contacts


Ways & Means Chairman:  Djuna Spring

Email:  WaysMeans@vcusbc.com


Tournaments Chairman:  Melody Graves

Email:  Tournaments@vcusbc.com


Awards Chairman:  Lloyd Lebow

Email:  Awards@vcusbc.com


Lane Inspection Chairman:  Cheryl Smith

Email: LaneInspection@vcusbc.com


Budget Chairman:  KC Christensen

Email:  Budget@vcusbc.com


Nominating Chairman:  Djuna Spring

Email: Nominating@vcusbc.com


Hall of Fame Chairman:  Lloyd Lebow

Email:  HallofFame@vcusbc.com


Media Chairman:  Karin Stevens

Email: Media@vcusbc.com


Youth Chairman:  Djuna Spring

Email:   Youth@vcusbc.com

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